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Getting a second opinion on your current insurance coverages can give you peace of mind and catch some very costly mistakes.

Measure twice, cut once.”

My Mission is to help people protect their peace of mind

I know first hand the many challenges that come with wealth. Being a trusted advisor to multiple Fortune 500 Executives and members of The Forbes’ Billionaire List, I know their concerns and a few helpful strategies that can be used to address them.

My mission is to help ensure my clients’ have what they need to protect, grow, and transfer wealth from one generation to the next. Most importantly, I want them to be confident that they have the protection they need so they can live life without worry or fear.

At the end of the day, I help people protect what matters most, their peace of mind.

“I help people protect what matters most…

their peace of mind

Dominic Sylvester, CPA

Client PRofile

Who I Can Help

My clients are far from average and each has very unique needs, making it difficult to have an ‘average’ client profile.

Here are a few ballpark figures as a reference point.

Luxury Home

Home value(s)

$2.5M - $20M

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Net Worth Exceeding


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People wanting peace of mind...

Maybe You?

(I reserve the right to make exceptions for exceptional people)


Areas of Specialty

Private Residences

There are many factors driving the cost of insuring your home. I look through every factor to identify ways to get better coverages for better rates.


Whether you drive an Aston , Bentley, or a classic (see what I did there?), you will have confidence knowing that your investment is protected.

Jewelry/Fine Art

From family heirlooms to priceless art collections, our coverages make sure that you are protected from loss, theft, or damage.

Personal Liability

We live in a culture where everyone is looking for a way to get something for nothing, mostly by legal means. I help make sure you are personally protected by properly insuring your homes, vehicles, and household employees..

Income Protection

The fastest way to destroy your wealth is to have more money going out than coming in. If you are a high income earner, your family likely relies on your ability to work, right?

Life Insurance

This is the biggest secret to creating generational wealth. While it can be used to protect your family as you are in wealth accumulation, this is one tool my 9 figure clients leverage to legally avoid estate taxes.

The Process

How I work

Portfolio Review & Strategy Development

If you are like my other clients, you likely have multiple policies with multiple insurance carriers and brokers that you have accumulated over the years. During this process, I lay out all of your current coverages, ways to align your insurance premiums with your risk profile, and develop the strategy on how to accomplish it.

Execution of Strategy

After we agree on the strategy, I begin negotiating with the top insurance carriers (Chubb, Pure, etc.) on why they should insure your account. As your broker, I am working to get you the best bang for your buck. Once I have found a good match for your portfolio, we review the offer, discuss how it meets your goals, and make a decision to proceed or continue looking.

Adapt & Adjust (as needed)

Life happens. Things are bought, sold. Kids grow up. You get the picture. We will meet on an annual basis to review your portfolio and discuss any necessary modifications to your coverages. This helps make sure we are on the same page and have the proper protections in place. I am always available to help you understand your coverages and advise on new purchases.


How can I help you?

We all live very hectic lives and it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. If you would like to have a complementary portfolio review, please give me a call/text/email. My contact info is below.



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